live:l2imagination25x                                  STATUS: BETA SERVER
Clan Reward, Vote Reward, Stream Reward for players,
Perfect Dressme System, Auto Donate, Many Auto Events
Many new Cloaks, Shields, Costumes, Hats and Helmets!

Server is totally free. Running in its most stable version. Our main goal is to provide players with the maximum of fun, in a server Mid rate. Our moderate rates allow the player to progress in the game in a pleasant way with the time it has, making the game excellent, relaxed and fun for both those who enjoy the adventures and actions of PVE and for those who like the adrenaline of PVP. Aiming to provide lovers of this fantastic world with quality service, respect and equality, we have a committed team of professionals working for the improvement of the server, thus guaranteeing a respected server and maintaining our only ideal: the fun.

The L2 IMAGINATION currently runs on its most recent version of the High Five Chronicle, it has been carefully prepared based on several years of research and experience with Lineage 2 in order to provide the best possible gameplay.

Welcome and Join Us!